Web ontwikkeling voor Jongeren
[ 02-03-2010 | 23:30 ]

Geocheryl goes blue

By 2006 I had remade my site. A scientific cruise on the Mediterranean must have inspired me to make it this blue. I was experimenting with buttons, and rolling menus. The oval buttons on the left were clickable and remained pressed in while you were visiting the section. In addition to that I had a rollover menu.

Another experiment was the next button at the bottom of the page, which would send you through the site in a chronological order. The RTFM button was inspired by a student joke: "read the F*ing manual". i.o.w.: help files. the large SOGEO button on the top right lead to my blog which had migrated to Sogeo.blogspot.com. THe reason was that nobody seemed to understand my self-made weblog. I hoped more people would respond and leave comments on the standard blog which should have a higher usability. In the end I must conclude usability was not the problem. I did not get more responses.

As you can see, my website had changed quite a bit, but its frame was still the same. I think I started implementing CSS by now. And this clearly shows why CSS is useful. I was still using the same images and the site still had the same sections. The site itself was now made with photoshop and dreamweaver. As a student I could acquire relatively cheap official versions of those.