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[ 19-01-2010 | 18:15 ]

Javascript photobook

Around 1999 I made my first photobook script based on an online example script. The script preloaded images and displayed them one after another. I adjusted the script to include the following features:
  • a photobook name can be referenced by a GET method (var webpage)
  • based on this a javascript file is loaded (arrays.js)
  • this contains the javascript arrays of the pictures' source locations, their titles and other information
  • A javascript file is loaded with all the functions to run the slideshow.
  • Now everything is ready for the main page to display a slideshow ,thumbnails and a form to control the slideshow's speed.
  • In addition clicking the main image will enlarge it even further
  • and the thumbnails can be folded out to get a quick overview

download example files:
  • slideshow_js.zip
    Sorry, there's an error in this file. The titles don't seem to update. I will work on it shortly. Please e-mail me if you require help.


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